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Thank Herne I'm Anal!

Well, I'm happy to say that being anal has paid off for once. I discovered around 4:30 this morning (during a brief bout of insomnia) that I'd actually written an outline for the last installment of In the Family Way, which should prove quite useful. I mean, I knew I had notes for it somewhere, but I'd forgotten that I'd also done a bit of plotting. Oh, and I also found a rough draft for the opening scene of the last installment, which is also great news because I often struggle when it comes to starting new scenes. In fact, I ended up adding a bit to this rough draft as I did some writing this afternoon.

At the risk of jinxing this stroke of good luck, I'm going to say that I'm cautiously optimistic that I can pull off the final installment of In the Family Way. I'm a little less optimistic as to what the quality will be like, though I'll try to keep it from being absolute shit if at all possible. I think re-reading everything I've written so far has helped a lot. I also spent an embarrassing amount of time working on cover art for the story, so that should be an additional reason for me to finish off this behemoth once and for all.
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