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EX Weekend 2009 Album

Well, I've now seen my mom off after another successful EX weekend. For those of you who didn't suffer from last year's post on the subject, my mom and I go to the Canadian National Exhibition every year and she always stays with me over the weekend. As I'm suffering from a severe fit of laziness (and want to finish reading a Sherlock Holmes slash (Minor Interludes for the Solo Violin, Interlude III) before Inspector Lewis comes on), I'll simply say that we had a lot of fun, spending and eating more than we should have. Oh, and I can post some pictures, which should give you an indication of the kinds of things we got up to over the last couple of days.

I bought this cool reproduction Grecian vase at The Elegant Garage Sale on Bayview for $2.00!
We figured it would say "Made in China" when we looked on the bottom, but it was handmade in
Greece! :-) On Bayview, I also spent an embarrassing amount of money at Sleuth of Baker
Street, though, ironically, only one of the four books I bought was Sherlock Holmes related.

We always start off at the Horse Palace, and Mom insisted that I harass this poor guy and take his picture. On Saturday, it was
the Miniature Horse Competition, so almost every horse we saw that day was shorter than we were. It made for a refreshing change. *g*

The first thing I bought at the EX (Canadian National Exhibition) was this adorable cat toy...for myself. You see,
we always time our visit to coincide with the cat show. While we were looking at cat toys for Minerva's second birthday
(even though Mom had bought all the cats woollen mice from the Toronto Humane Society), I found this chubby little mouse
and just fell in love with him. I haven't thought of a name for him yet, but I'm sure something strange will come to me soon.

At the Arts, Crafts & Hobbies Building, we both picked up these awesome book holders. They came
in three different sizes, but we managed to have some control and just bought ones for hardcover
and trade paperback books. Luckily, regular paperbacks seem to fit in the trade paperback holder.

Check out the cool Yoda butter sculpture! There were a number of butter
sculptures in the farm area of the Better Living Centre, but this one was the best.

I can relate. I was about ready to flop at this point aussi.

And, now, lots of goats...

And we mustn't forget those gorgeous pigs!

Lastly, we saw these fantastic sand sculptures in the Direct Energy Centre. I think my favourite is
the one for the CNE (Gotta love that CN Tower on top), though I was also very partial to "Sword in the Sand".

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