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In Memory of Hamish

I just found out that Hamish passed away during the night. Mom says that she knew he had been ill for a while, but didn't want to put him through the stress of multiple medical treatments, which is something we went through with Mookie. Hamish couldn't even stand being picked up, so any kind of medical treatments would have been absolute torture for him. Anyway, I'm relieved to say that he went downhill very quickly and died in his sleep. A dignified death for a dignified cat. I think that has provided a lot of solace for my mom. She sounded pretty calm on the phone, though I suppose she's had time to digest the news. She was also able to send him off with a quick funeral in the backyard or, at least, I assume it was in the backyard. She says he was buried and has a headstone. I guess I'll find out for sure when I go to pay my respects.
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