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Your Basic Bitch Fest

Yeah, not the best day, I guess. I'm seriously PMSy, so my coping skills are non-existent. I thought my mood was improving for the better. Then my manager showed up at my cubicle and informed me that he had a "special project" for me to work on. Translation: You are so screwed. Turns out there was a shitload of work that had accumulated since April and -- OOOOOPS -- no one thought to take care of it. Could you make it a priority? Translation: I fucked up and I need you to fix it. NOW. Anywaaaaay, this "special project" meant staying at work until almost 6:00. I would have stayed longer, but the network went down (again) and I had to call it quits. I'm sure I'll hear about it tomorrow. Maybe my hormones will have stabilized slightly and I won't feel this intense urge to kill people/burst into tears. That would be good.

Man, I thought I was bummed out last week when Superman Ripped Off hit theatres, but this is even worse. I could be writing or working on my photo album, but instead I'm having a self-indulgent bitch session and drowning my sorrows in fic. Oh, and eating low-fat chocolate ice cream. The correct portion, of course. Though I'm going to gain weight with my period anyway (fucking water retention), so I'm not sure why I bothered. *grumble, grumble*

I'll be more productive tomorrow night. Or maybe the night after that...
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