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Revisiting RoS...With a Brief Detour to Baker Street

When I was moving Gisburne's NASTY Knight Page a couple of weeks ago, I made the mistake of glancing at my RoS stories as I transferred the files. I had been thinking of revising them for a while, so seeing the sorry state they were in prompted me to take action. For that reason, I've been trying to revise as many of my RoS stories as possible. The Reckoning was basically okay because I'd written it fairly recently (e.g. five years ago as opposed to ten years ago). I'd also revised Silent Knight last December in preparation for the annual "Fic of Christmas Past" section at the Ros Fanfic Archive. That left Robin Hood and the Sheriff's Mother, The Varlet, The Knight's Charges, and The Last Squire, which I just finished going through. *Phew!*

I don't know when I'll get around to Children of the Wheel and Children of the Wheel II. I'm kind of afraid of them, to be honest! I should also, oh, be doing some actual writing. I'm sure the real reason I insisted on spending most of my weekend on this revision project was to get out of writing (and not just because I'm still recovering from Demon Tofu IV: The Rise of Lucifer’s Zombie Horde *g*)

Surprisingly, my RoS stories aren't as shitty as I thought they might be. I mean, yeah, there were some major problems with structure, clarity and description (or lack thereof), but I think they're almost okayish now. They're the kind of thing I might be willing to share with someone's grandchildren some day -- if said grandchildren needed to be punished.

While going through The Last Squire, I started reading this really cool AU version of "The Empty House," in which Watson learns the big secret (that Holmes didn't die at Reichenbach Falls three years previously) in an entirely different manner than what we see in canon. Unfortunately, it's a very long story and I'm not sure if I have enough will power to pull myself away if I don't finish reading it at a decent hour tonight. If you're looking for a long Sherlock Holmes slash story, I highly recommend nlr alicia's The Longest Night, which is a sequel to 70 Minutes to London. Oh, and I also loved Case of the Missing Flat Mate, which is a bit on the sappy side, but it was the third day of my period yesterday, okay?

Holy links, Batman! This is an index not an LJ entry! Well, at least I didn't post that one picture I also came across when moving Gisburne's NASTY Knight Page. A Guy Groupie grinning like the Cheshire Cat while meeting Michael Praed! Talk about embarrassing!

Oh, crap!

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