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Holmes, Sweet Holmes

I realized today that they've started showing commercials for Guy Ritchie's Travesty (a.k.a. his so-called Sherlock Holmes film), so I've decided to follow through with my plan to post something good in terms of Sherlock Holmes every time I'm exposed to that monstrosity. Okay, I was catching up on an episode of The Dollhouse from about a week ago, so the VCR fast-forwarded through the trailer. However, I was still forced to acknowledge that this...this thing is going to be released no matter how many Holmes fans boycott it. Well, thankfully, there are a number of decent productions to cancel out Guy Ritchie's Travesty. One of my favourites is the Granada version of "The Naval Treaty" with Jeremy Brett delivering Holmes's famous speech about the flowers. I'm always very amused by that scene:

In other news, I'm not dead. Yes, I've been pretty quiet lately, but that's mostly because I got wrapped up with holiday preparations, etc. Last night, I rediscovered writing after too many weeks without it and it was glorious. I enjoyed it so much that I did some more writing today. A part of me is tempted to slow down because I'm working on what I hope will be my last fanfic story, but I'm having too much fun to set it aside. Well, the sooner I finish this, the sooner I can pursue "original" fiction -- something I've been putting off for much too long.
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