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Compliment of the Week

I know it's only Tuesday morning, but I received such an awesome compliment this morning that I'm pretty sure nothing else will top it! My usual bus driver for the 8:30 YRT 300 Business Express from Finch Station took one look at me when I was paying my fare and exclaimed, "Goodness gracious! There's hardly any of you left!" I grinned like the Cheshire Cat and said, "Thanks!" As she had complimented me on the weight I had lost a couple of weeks before, I assume that’s what she was referring to. Obviously, her compliment is a huge exaggeration, but it’s not like I have any shame. I take compliments where I can get them!

Last week's Compliment of the Week was a little…stranger. I picked it for the simple reason that it’s the only compliment I remember. Anyway, I went out to dinner with two friends on Saturday night, and the one friend said that my face looked different.

Me: I think it might be thinner.

Friend: No, that's not it. Oh, I know! It's your eyes. They're lighter.

Me: Lighter?

Friend: No, brighter. They have more life in them.

Me: Oh. Uh...okay. Thanks.

When I talked to my mom on the phone the next day, I told her that my friend thought my face looked different. My mom immediately asked if it was because of my high cheekbones. She’s been slightly obsessed about my “high cheekbones” since I was a baby and a woman told her how striking they would be when I grew up. So far I’ve discovered that I do have cheekbones, but that’s been about the extent of it. Anywaaaaaaay, when I told my mom what my friend had said, she tried to console me by pointing out that my eyes probably do look bigger now.

Me: Yeah, yeah, I have big brown eyes. Whoopee do. Tell me something I don’t know. Acknowledge my high cheekbones, dammit!

* * * * * * * *

Okay, for anyone who’s still awake after those riveting anecdotes, I’ll try to choose a more interesting subject for my next LJ entry, like “Insult of the Week”. Some of you may have already thought of one! *g*
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