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Bad Morning

The day hasn't started off well. Despite doing my utmost to leave earlier and be on time for work, I was almost 20 minutes late. This was due to a massive subway delay. As the train kept being asked to remain at each station for about 10 minutes or more by Transit Control, I hopped out at Sheppard and took another train to Don Mills. Then I took the 25D Don Mills bus the rest of the way to work. Although I was probably lucky not to arrive any later than I did, I became even more grumpy when I walked into my cubicle and discovered that my chair was missing. The mystery was quickly solved as two co-workers were having a pow-wow in the other row and had borrowed the chair. They apologized and quickly returned it.

After managing to sit down and log on to my computer, I figured that things should go a little more smoothly. However, I discovered that the Alberta database didn't want to play when I tried doing some parallel work. After repeated attempts to get it to work, I decided to leave it alone until it decided to grow up. During one of my negotiation sessions with the Alberta database, I decided to use the washroom and was reminded about how I had bashed the toes on my left foot yesterday when I started walking in my granny boots. You would think my purple baby toe would have been a hint that wearing granny boots would not be a good idea. I changed back into my winter boots as soon as I returned to my cubicle.

Fate: Well, you didn't think I would make your last day of work in 2009 easy, did you? Ha ha hah! Not on my watch, bitch.

rusty_armour: Thanks. I fuckin' hate you too.

Oh, well. On a brighter note, I was able to discuss "The Waters of Mars" with a co-worker who's also into Doctor Who and I'm having dinner with pyrateanny and my sister, which should be nice. Oh, and it's the last day I have to work in 2009! Woo hoo! :-)
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