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Help Haiti Fandom Auction

I just thought I'd give a quick heads up to anyone who hasn't heard about help_haiti through their flist. help_haiti is a fandom auction that is raising money to aid the victims of yesterday's terrible earthquake. This community is accepting donations of fic, art, graphics, audio (e.g. podfics, fic soundtracks), etc. From what I can tell, any fandom goes. Of course, you can also place bids. I have to confess that I've already bid on two podfics as it's been my secret desire for some time to have one of my stories turned into a podfic. Someone will probably outbid me, but I figure it's worth a try and the money is going towards a very worthy cause.

I'm still debating whether to donate to the Red Cross or Unicef. Maybe I'll donate a bit to both charities.
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