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NEW and IMPROVED Sherlockiana Section!

I managed to snag a free bookcase from a friend of mine who's moving to Montreal. However, I'm sure my friend might have reconsidered her offer if she'd known what fate would await her innocent piece of furniture. Oh, yes, I turned that beautiful bookcase into a NEW and IMPROVED Sherlockiana section!

I know how completely INSANE it must look, but keep in mind that this bookcase represents a collection that spans more than twenty years. I bought many of the items myself, but some were given to me as gifts from generous friends and relatives. Of course, what's truly sad is that I've had to stash a second layer of pastiches on the bottom shelf because there just wasn't room to display them at the front. Oh, and there are four books that aren't currently in the bookcase. I'm reading two, one is out on loan, and two are MIA. Well, I think my copy of The Seven-Per-Cent Solution might be with a friend of mine. Fortunately, it's a pretty easy book to replace if the need arises.

As I'm sure the one drunk person reading this entry is thoroughly fascinated by my NEW and IMPROVED Sherlockiana section, we'll take a more in-depth look.

Sitting on top of the bookcase are my Sherlock Holmes substitutes. On the left-hand side is a little fellow I picked up a couple of years ago in this store downtown. Some of you (e.g. that one inebriated person) may remember him from The Crazy Kitty Caper or the Grand Adventures of Pirate John. Seated next to the Sherlock doll is my Sherlock Bear. I've had Sherlock Bear for several years. He was a pledge gift from WNED (a Buffalo PBS station). I made a donation some time in my teens, and my parents actually ended up adding money on top of it so I could get Sherlock Bear. This is what is known as "enabling". *g* Lastly, the Snoopy Sherlock is something I picked up at a friend's parents' garage sale. I think I paid all of a loonie for it, if even that.

On the first shelf of my bookcase is the complete canon (e.g. my very beaten up Bantam Classics). I also have a couple of the short stories in separate volumes and a graphic novel version of A Study in Scarlet. In addition, I have some reference books and a few pastiche anthologies.

I've placed all my multimedia (with the exception of my two Holmes soundtracks) on the second shelf. There are DVDs, some pro vids, and even a Basil Rathbone & Nigel Bruce radio show on tape cassette. I've also got some film novelizations, such as ones for The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes and Murder by Decree. This is embarrassing, but I have the novelization for Sherlock Holmes in New York as well. I couldn't stand the movie, but the collector in me couldn't resist buying that used paperback. I placed my Basil of Baker Street books on this shelf because Disney's The Great Mouse Detective was based on Eve Titus' creation.

Okay, we're almost there, my impaired little friend. My third shelf contains my many pastiches. I started off arranging them (left to right) from favourite pastiches to least favourite pastiches, but then I found I had trouble deciding which ones I liked best once I got past Nicholas Meyer, Michael Kurland, David Stuart Davies, and Loren D. Estleman. Oh, and it took me a few minutes to decide whether I should keep Carole Nelson Douglas' Irene Adler series in front or go with Laurie R. King's Mary Russell series instead. I ended up choosing Douglas as Irene Adler is canon and Mary Russell isn't. This could change considering that I've grown to like Laurie R. King's novels (Well, the later ones at least) more than Douglas' Irene Adler series. Hidden at the back are also some books I wish I'd never bought. I think the place of honour probably goes to The Childhood of Sherlock Holmes, which is dreadful. I'd get rid of it if I didn't feel guilty about making someone else suffer through it.

Here ends the tour. I think my soused reader has probably passed out from boredom alone. *g*

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