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Let's Get the Weekend Started!

Well, it seemed to take, like, a whole week, but Friday is finally here. As Monday is a holiday, I got out of work at 12:30, so my weekend started even earlier. :-) Not only that but my weekend includes lots and lots of CHOCOLATE! My family gave me a whole bagful last weekend for Valentine's Day and then I received this lovely little package of nine Lindt chocolates from Redcliff (the company that owns the building I work in) this morning. I'll probably eat the Redcliff chocolates tonight as my mom left three notes on the family Valentine's Day supply telling me to keep out until the 14th. Well, actually, the first note said the 14th. Then she wrote a second note saying the 13th would be okay. Her third note informed me that I could open the bag on the 12th if I got desperate. With my Redcliff chocolates, I think I can hold out until tomorrow. I would totally wait until Valentine's Day, but I'll be over at jackycomelately's place and far away from my chocolates.

It will be nice to watch the Opening Ceremonies tonight. I boycotted the last Olympics, so I don't think I've seen one in about four years. A part of me thinks it's great that the Olympics are being held in Vancouver and a part of me is nervous. There's been so much build up and propaganda with commercials about how Canada is going to show the world how good it is, etc. In my opinion, Canada + hubris = massive failure. Canadians aren't supposed to brag. It's unnatural. I just have this horrible feeling that we're going to fall flat on our faces. Of course, I'm a pessimist and I worry about everything. If I fear the worst then there's a good chance it won't happen. It's a kind of insurance plan I've invested in my entire life and it works. *g*

Is it too early to start digging into my chocolate yet...?
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