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TLC for the TTC

I have to admit that I’m surprised. When I learned yesterday that the TTC was holding a meeting to address ways in which it might improve its relationship with its customers, I laughed. A lot. However, it looks as if some real progress has been made. This morning, Kevin from TTC Control told BT viewers that they should be polite to bus drivers, which made me conclude that the TTC must have experienced some kind of epiphany. It’s the customers that need to change, not us. Customers should be treating us better, not the other way round. We’re not the problem: they are. After all, it was a customer that posted that vid on YouTube of a bus driver taking an extended break in the middle of his shift. And it was customers that took incriminating photos of TTC employees sleeping on the job. Yes, it’s obviously the customers who are to blame for expecting TTC employees to perform their jobs to the same standards as, oh, everyone else on the planet. We’ve obviously been putting way too much pressure on them...All the same, I resent the implication that TTC customers aren’t polite.

With the exception of three minor altercations (only one of which involved profanity), I’ve been perfectly civil to TTC employees. Okay, I have been known to direct a frosty glare at a bus driver after my bus has arrived at least half an hour late, but 98% of the time I thank the driver when I exit through the front door of the bus. And it’s not as if I’ve been gathering any potential blackmail material, though this is due more to laziness on my part than any sense of decency.

I’m sure this post originally had a point but I lost it. The point disappeared through the same dark vortex as my earmuffs. Ah, yes, it must be February. I’m suffering from SAD and I have to buy a new pair of earmuffs. *g*

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