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Children of the Wheel Revision

Well, it almost did me in, but I finally finished revising Children of the Wheel. At the moment, the revised version is only available at Archive of Our Own, but I'll eventually post it at Gisburne's NASTY Knight Page -- once I move the website...again. Anywaaaaay, as one or two RoS fans expressed an interest in reading Children of the Wheel after the revision, I thought I'd post the link here.

Surprisingly, the story isn't as shitty as I thought it might be, though it was in awful shape before I started editing it. Most of the problems were structural in nature, but there were some embarrassing typos and spelling mistakes. In my defence, I originally wrote Children of the Wheel between 1992 and 1994 and it only received some additional revision around 1998. Fortunately, I think it's in much better condition. I mean, it's probably still obvious that the story was written by a less experienced writer, but I think the reading process should be a lot less painful now. *g*

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