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Thanks for the Virtual Easter Gift, Anonymous Friend! :-)

I would just like to give a big thank you to whoever was kind enough to send me the yummy Sugary Bunny! It was extremely kind of you and I really appreciate it! :-)

Speaking of generosity, the MFS/DWB Auction is still running and there are items that haven't even been bid on. Unfortunately, the auction got off to a bit of a rocky start as it wasn't easy to find on, but I think the URL below should work:,owner_id,other_items

For people who aren't into any of the Stargate shows, there's wallpaper from Supernatural, Merlin, and even the Robert Downey Jr. version of *cough* Sherlock Holmes. Oh, and there's a number of glossy photos available from shows like Doctor Who and Torchwood and artwork for Star Wars: Phantom Menace. Oh, and, lastly, there's one writer who is willing to write a Robin of Sherwood story and another writer who will write a Merlin or Star Wars: Phantom Menace fic. I've got the highest bid for the Robin of Sherwood story, but I'm only too happy to be outbid if it raises more money for a good cause. :-)
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