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The Easter Monday Groundhog and Other Unique Sights

I just came back from spending the Easter weekend at my parents' place. Unlike last year, Minerva wreaked most of her havoc before Easter began. She managed to not only knock all the decorations off the living room mantel ahead of time, but she started the Easter egg hunt early by scattering Lindt eggs out of their bowl and under various pieces of furniture, etc. These still haven't been found, though Minerva tried to do a bit of searching yesterday.

Unfortunately, all she found was one of the balls that were originally
placed in the Christmas tree to distract her from tearing down ornaments.

Although her mission was unsuccessful, Minerva quickly recovered from her disappointment and found other distractions.

Minerva wasn't the only member of the family to have a bit of fun. My mom was kind enough to braid these awesome straps for the pair of guitars I bought at The Elegant Garage Sale on Bayview. Without these essential straps, my boys would have to set the guitars down on their stands and couldn't pretend to be rock stars.


This year, I'm happy to report that we not only received a visit from the Easter Bunny but the Easter Monday Groundhog! My mom spotted the little fellow wandering through the garden and drew my dad's attention to it. Then she called down the hall to me and my sister. Even my brother ended up stumbling out of bed to see what was going on. Anyway, I attempted to take some pictures through my parents' bedroom window. They aren't great, but here are the two best photos from my collection:

Well, I'd love to stick around, but I've got a flist to browse, email to check, and fic to read. I hope everyone had a very enjoyable Easter, whether you were blessed with a visit by the Easter Monday Groundhog or not.

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