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And Now I'll Do a Little Reccing of my Own

I'm very pleased to announce that jackycomelately has posted her fabulous Alternate Universe Big Bang story, Inside Out, Upside Down, Backward! If you're a Supernatural and/or American Idol fan then you should really check out this fic!

I think jackycomelately has done a wonderful job of crossing Supernatural with American Idol. It has the kind of features that are important in both fandoms. More importantly, Inside Out, Upside Down, Backward is a great read. It's got incredible dialogue and a fast-paced and exciting plot. It also has an awesome mixture of humour and drama. Oh, and there are beautiful illustrations by bitterlotus. Really, it's impossible to go wrong with this fic. But don't take my word for it. READ THE STORY. :-D

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