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Sometimes It Pays to Complain

After three months, my super finally fixed the problems in my bathroom. It only took two separate work orders, a phone call and a letter to management to get some action. The sad thing is that this super is actually semi-competent compared to the last one. It might take a lot to shift him, but at least he can execute repairs properly when the time comes.

To make a longish story slightly less so, my bathroom tap and toilet were in a bad state. The tap wasn't just dripping: water was coming out in a continuous stream. While the toilet flushed, it took the tank an age to fill, so I couldn't really have anyone over. Well, my mom and sister both came to stay at different points during the summer, but they're family and they cut me some slack. Anyway, I was debating whether I should contact the Tenants Association next when I came home to discover a gleaming NEW sink in the bathroom! My super didn't just fix the sink: he replaced it! And it's a bigger sink with a cupboard underneath! And it's pristine white! And it's NEW! I almost wet my paints, I was so shocked and excited, which leads me to the toilet. That was fixed too! It has an ultra powerful flush and the tank fills quickly. Well, fairly quickly. It's a helluva better than before in any case.

I'm not sure if it was my letter to management, or if the super just happened to get around to the repairs. The cynic in me suggests that it was the letter. In the past, contacting management has been the one way I've been able to ensure some action. So...the moral of this strange story is that complaining can work sometimes. Leaving a nasty note under your super's door can do wonders too, but I wouldn't recommend it as your first course of action. I mean, it worked the one time for me with my previous super, but diplomacy is probably a better option.

Umm...why am I suddenly giving advice? I'm the last person who should give advice. In fact, I've just managed to get myself into yet another jam. A friend of mine is trying to find someone to look after her cat for two weeks. Look after as in take the cat in. Now, as many of you know, I love cats. However, this particular cat is psycho. Don't get me wrong. She's adorable and really quite affectionate. However, she puts the Energizer Bunny to shame and gets into everything. I'm sure she'd tear the place apart...Fortunately, my friend wasn't happy to hear that my balcony window doesn't have a screen (though I'd obviously keep it closed if the cat did come to stay) and said she'd be calling other people. I really really hope she finds someone else!
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