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Glasses! I've Got New Glasses! Check Out My New Glasses!

After an embarrassingly long time, I finally got my act together and looked into renewing my prescription and getting new glasses. I think the entire process (from booking an eye exam to picking up my glasses) took about two weeks, which is pretty good considering that the woman at Sears Optical told me it would take 8-10 days for my glasses to come in. It ended up taking about half that time, which is why I was able to pick them up today instead of some time next week. Anywaaaaaay, here's what's allowing me to see sharp edges again:

Front view. Notice the darker frame. It seems to be a little
more flattering with that round pale blob that is my face.

And look at the cool detail on the thingamabobs that, like, go over my ears.

Glasses with that round pale blob that is my face.

Oh...uh...Hey, check out the cool new glasses:

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