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I Don't Think I'm Going to Meet My Deadline...

I knew this would probably be an impossible task, but I was hoping to finish the rough draft of my final fic this weekend. As it's, like, 4:00 and I still have three scenes to go, I don't think that's going to happen. I mean, the three scenes in question should be pretty short, and I'm really just tying up loose ends at this point, but if I do any more fic-writing right now I think my brain will explode. I mean, you know it's bad when you find yourself wanting to wash the dishes piled up around the kitchen sink rather than write. *g*

Although I won't meet my goal, I'm happy with what I have accomplished. I've written five scenes in the past three days, which isn't bad for a slow writer like me. I have no idea how many words that makes as I haven't managed to type everything out yet. I'm prehistoric and have to write everything in longhand first. However, I'll probably do some more typing today (to get out of writing), which should give me a better idea. There's a new adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express on PBS tonight, so I might get some more scribbling done then. I don't think this version is going to hold a candle to Sidney Lumet's 1974 film, which should work in my favour in terms of the writing process. And, yes, I know how horrible it must seem to write in front of the TV, but I do it sometimes -- usually when I'm having to force my pen to move across paper. *g*

Yeah, I'm so not meeting my deadline.
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