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It's a Miracle! I Finally FINISHED "Dogsbody"!

I was beginning to wonder if it would ever happen, but I think I finally finished Dogsbody. Well, the rough draft of what will be the final installment, anyway. And when I say "rough," I mean it. In fact, I keep staring at the final page and wondering how to re-write it and whether I should add more. However, the entire story is essentially complete. Now I just have to type out the last five scenes, do some serious revision, and then inflict the whole mess on my poor beta. *g*

To celebrate this not-so-momentous occasion, I thought I'd post this lovely vid. I'd almost forgotten about it until the subject of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home came up yesterday in a comment thread. Anyway, this vid seemed strangely appropriate...

Ironically, it's John Simm's birthday today! I won't say which one, though it's certainly a milestone as well! :-)

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