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Annual Fire Drill

We just had our annual fire drill at work, and I got caught with my pants down. Literally. I was in the washroom when the alarm went off, so I couldn’t grab my fluorescent orange fire warden vest or check my area to make sure that people were evacuating. Instead I stood near the fire exit and tried to watch for people from online editorial, earning comments like: “Hey, aren’t you supposed to have a neon vest or something?” Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh! I should have paid attention to Murphy’s Law. If there’s a fire drill scheduled then don’t go to the little girl’s room until after it’s over. *Groans* Ah, man! This ranks right up there with killing my CPR dummy during the first aid course because I remembered to do everything except call 911!

Oh, well. At least no one died this time. As far as I know, everyone got out of the building safely, which is a minor miracle considering how long it took us to get down the stairs. Okay, I can understand people grabbing their jackets, but do you really need to bring your coffee too? Hmm...I'm in a life or death situation. Would I rather burn to death or go through caffeine withdrawal. Oh, gee, I don't know. Can I have a few minutes to think about it? Yeah, if there's ever a real fire, we're all going to die.
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