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I Write Like...

I conducted three separate tests using one scene from Dogsbody. When I used the first four paragraphs, the result was Stephen King. Then I switched to three or four paragraphs that came later in the scene and ended up with James Joyce. Finally, I went back to the beginning of the scene again, only, this time, I used seven paragraphs instead of four. Here's the passage in question:

The first thing Lester was aware of was that he was lying on a hard surface, possibly the floor. For one brief instant, he thought that he might have passed out and his encounter with the parallel universe Helen had simply been a nightmare. Of course, passing out wasn’t a good thing, and Lester certainly didn’t feel like himself. He felt funny…different. Then, he heard the sound of a dog whimpering and his eyes flew open.

Everything had become faded. It wasn’t black and white, but the colours were washed out. It was almost like looking at a tinted photograph, or, perhaps, viewing the world through a dog’s eyes.

No. Sweet Jesus, no.

Lester tried to stand. It took three attempts before it occurred to him that he would need to coordinate four legs instead of two. Walking also took some extra concentration, at first, and it was strange to see his surroundings from a much lower level, as if he were crawling through his flat on his hands and knees. There were also all these scents he had never noticed before. Following the strongest one led him to the kitchen, where he found bowls of dog food and water. Apparently, Anna didn’t want him to starve or die of dehydration – not yet, anyway.

Lester sniffed the bowl of dog food cautiously. While it smelled pretty good, he couldn’t bring himself to eat it. He moved to the other bowl and lapped up some water instead.

Lester’s next destination was the door to his flat. Raising himself on his hind legs, he tried to turn the door knob with his front paws. When he failed to open the door, he sank back down on the ground with a growl.

And just where would you have gone if you’d got the door open? It’s not as if you can drive anywhere. Were you planning to walk to the ARC?

And the winner is...

I write like
Raymond Chandler

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

This is a very strange but fun exercise. And just what I needed after spending three days working on fic revision. *g*

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