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I Think I Might Have Psychic Powers

Well, limited psychic powers. You see, I apparently have the power to turn off alarm clocks with my mind...

Last night, I’m positive that I set my alarm clock. I even checked it two or three times before going to sleep. I even checked it around 1:30 am when I was suffering from a brief bout of insomnia. And, yet, this morning, when I woke up around 7:55, the alarm clock had been turned off. I have no memory of turning it off. In fact, I don’t remember being conscious at all before waking up so very very late. Seriously. I don’t.

Now, I know that some of you will argue that I must have turned it off in my sleep. However, I have a hard enough time functioning when I’m awake to pull off that kind of stunt when I’m asleep. And I’m pretty sure that I haven’t experienced any other sleep-walking/doing incidents. In fact, a couple of weeks ago, when I was staying at my parents for Thanksgiving weekend, I had this really strange dream that turned into a musical. I was so afraid that I might have been singing in my sleep, that I asked both my parents if they had heard me, uh, singing. My mom’s response was basically: “Uh, no. Why? Was I supposed to?” For some reason, my dad didn’t really seem too surprised by the question or the circumstances. Hmm...

I have to say that if this is a psychic power, it kind of sucks. My hair looks like crap because I didn't have a shower this morning and I had to skip breakfast. Thankfully, I thought to grab a snack bar (that would be a power bar for you SGA fans), so I have eaten today. By some miracle, I also managed to catch the 8:45 bus at Finch and was only 10 minutes late for work. I guess they don’t call it Freaky Friday for nothing, eh?
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