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Cave Canem!

I regret to inform you that I've had most of the day off. I had to go downtown to train one of my co-workers at the Law Library, but, after that, I was free to do what I wished. That's how I ended up in the Indigo at the Yonge/Eglinton Centre. I was there looking for a copy of Murder on the Orient Express and needed to use the washroom, which just happens to be in the children's section. Something else just happened to be in the children's section as well...


A stronger person might have been able to resist, but, no, not me. I just had to bring him back to my place, where he quickly made himself at home. In fact, he's gone and chosen the best seat in the house - er - apartment.

As you may imagine, this hasn't gone down very well with Captain Archer. However, as he's been missing Porthos terribly since Porthos went to live in London with Sarah Jane, he finds that he just doesn't have the heart to take the chair.

So, he decides to take both the chair and Lester!Dog.

Lester!Dog has K-9 remove Archer from the bridge. As K-9 understands dog and can translate the language into human, Lester!Dog has made him his commander. As you can see, they've developed an easy and relaxed rapport. Lester!Dog appreciates K-9's high intelligence and the way he addresses him as "Master". Lester!Dog thinks it makes a nice change.

Unfortunately, Lester!Dog doesn't realize that the other Master has been plotting behind his back. He wants control of the Enterprise, the whole universe, etc. Luckily, for Lester!Dog, Earhart has been spying on the Master and knows of his plans. He pounces on the Time Lord before he can attack Lester!Dog, disarming him.

It's not fair! She was into me long before she was into Ben Miller!

As Earhart did save his life, Lester!Dog decides to tolerate him. When this isn't enough, he grudgingly agrees to let Earhart be co-captain. While he isn't thrilled about sharing command with a cat, Lester!Dog appreciates the fact that Earhart isn't a diictodon.

Right. I should probably go do something productive now. *g*

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