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I Think I've Exorcised the Icon-Making Demon...For Now

I could be woefully misguided and treacherously mistaken, but I think I've exorcised the icon-making demon. I stayed up until the wee hours creating another four three icons, so I think I've worked it out of my system. I realize that four three icons isn't a huge number, but I'm not a designer and usually only dabble in the art of icon-making when I have an idea I want to pursue or I'm craving new shiny things for a fandom of choice. Yesterday/early this morning, it was all about satisfying my fandom needs.

Now, I really need to focus on betaing and, uh, washing dishes. Oh, and lunch because I'm, like, hungry. And, yes, I'll probably read some fic in another window, but I shall have to be more strict with myself when it comes to the length of my so-called fic breaks. *g*
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