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Censorship at FanFiction.Net

I'm sure some of you know about this already, but I only learned last night thanks to a post from keiramarcos. Apparently, some cyber book burner named Lord Kelvin has created a program called RedBootton that is systematically culling through stories at FanFiction.Net, one fandom at a time, to mark any stories that the Literate Union feel are unsuitable. According to Lord Kelvin, RedBootton is only meant to flag stories that have been misrated or are breaking rules in terms of content. However, I've been reading some rather alarming facts about other search criteria that RedBootton uses and the writers that have suffered for it. As Civil initiative has pointed out, RedBootton actually violates the Terms of Service!

Personally, I have a problem with anyone who sets it upon himself to determine which stories make suitable or unsuitable reading material, especially if the person in question is backed by an organization such as the Literate Union. If RedBootton was simply flagging stories that were violating rules, I might understand, but this seems more like Lord Kelvin's personal crusade.

As I refuse to be a part of any website that condones censorship, I'll be removing the stories I've posted on, along with any links I have to the website. Check out the links below if you'd like to learn more about this issue:

Kelvinia: RedBootton

Civil Initiative: The RedBootton Issue and what it means for FFNet

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