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Ottawa Pics

It took me long enough, but I'm finally posting some pictures of my trip to Ottawa - the one I took with my mom last week. I'm going to try to stick to the ones that turned out best and/or seem the most interesting. I'm also going to try to limit the amount of text I include because I have PMS and suffered from a bad bout of insomnia last night. I mean, I did get some sleep. I slept between about 11:00 and 1:30 and then 7:45ish and 11:00. Trust me. Fewer words from me right now is a good thing. *g*

View from our room at the Crowne Plaza

Parliament Buildings

Close up of the Peace Tower

We didn't get any pictures of the inside of the Parliament Buildings because we were only able to make it as far as the gift shop after three different attempts. However, there's an easy way to know exactly what the inside of the Parliament Buildings look like. Just find a strip of red tape. It doesn't matter what kind of tape. It can be any type and any shade of red.

Moving right along...

Eternal Flame

A wonderful shot my mom requested

The following pictures were taken on our third last day in Ottawa, but it seemed fitting to include them among the other photos of the Parliament Buildings. We had arrived at Parliament Hill to see if we could take a tour and found ourselves smack in the middle of a beautiful and moving memorial service for Ontario police officers killed in the line of duty. I think this is when the Parliament Buildings were at their finest.

Another tourist pointed out to us that snipers had
been posted, so I shamelessly snapped some pictures.

Giant spider outside the National Gallery of Canada

A magnificient corridor inside the National Gallery. I absolutely loved
this place -- and not just because it has two Turner paintings in the
Impressionism section. This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

Jeanne D'Arc Court


Byward Market

Chateau Laurier

Bytown Museum. Built in 1827, this is
said to be Ottawa's oldest stone building.

Rideau Canal Locks

Mom beside the Rideau Canal Locks

Shot of wedding we could see outside our hotel window. We also saw a
parade of police officers heading for Parliament Hill on the day of the
memorial service, though we didn't realize that was what the parade was
at the time. I joked that I wanted to see some parachutists next, and Mom
said she'd like to see some people abseiling down one of the tall buildings.

Another highlight of the trip was the Ghost & Gallows ghost walk we took on our second night in Ottawa. The following photos were taken at the Ottawa Jail Hostel, which was once the Carleton County Jail. This building is perhaps best known as being the prison where Patrick James Whelan was kept after being convicted (probably falsely) for murdering Thomas D'Arcy McGee on April 7, 1868. He was hanged at the gallows at the rear of the jail on February 11, 1869. He is said to haunt the Ottawa Jail Hostel and a spirit matching his description has been seen several times. The Ottawa Carleton County Jail was eventually closed down in 1972 because of its appalling conditions. My mom and I were both shocked and disgusted that it hadn't been shut down sooner. Yay, Canada.

A cell where a single inmate would be held.
It is only three feet wide and nine feet long.

Seriously creepy stairwell in the hostel. I didn't have the nerve to take
a picture, but there's a beam along the ceiling that has no structural
purpose. Some believe that prisoners may have been hanged from it
unofficially. As this is the one floor of the building that doesn't have
suicide bars on the stairs, it does paint a rather frightening picture...

Bizarre sculpture in the exercise
yard that most of us found disturbing

Stone slab under which Patrick James Whelan might be buried.
He is said to be buried somewhere in the exercise yard.
Although he asked for a Christian burial and his widow pleaded
to have his body buried in Montreal, the authorities were afraid
of the riots that might occur in Montreal if Whelan's body was
moved there. In 2003, two boys on a school trip jumped up and down
on this stone slab and called out to Whelan, demanding that he show
himself. Then the boys froze and both of their noses began bleeding
simultaneously. Since that day, a number of people have experienced
nosebleeds when hearing that story. Our tour guide says it happened
twice in tours he conducted.

Clarendon Court and Courtyard Restaurant

Baby sparrows in Clarendon Court

Crow in Clarendon Court

A window from the second floor of the Courtyard Restaurant.
The spirit of a woman in nineteeth century dress has been
seen in one of the rooms gazing out the window. She may be
the spirit of a woman who died in a fire after rushing back
inside the building (which would have been the McArthur
House Hotel) to retrieve her belongings. Ironically,
there was a fire at the Courtyard Restaurant earlier
this year and the place is still closed down for renovations.

Statue of Laura Secord at the Valiants Memorial

Confederation Square

National War Memorial

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Boat we sailed on for our cruise down the Rideau Canal

Shots along the Rideau Canal

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