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Possible Research Breakthrough

I probably shouldn't get too excited, but I think I might have made a research breakthrough for my original fiction idea. Because I continually have to make my life more difficult than it needs to be, I've been pursuing an idea that requires not only research into the paranormal but science (namely physics) as well. Well, I already had some knowledge of the paranormal, as it's been an interest of mine for quite a while now. However, science is definitely not one of my strong suits. Hell, I never even took physics in high school. I purposely took two languages (one of which was Latin) to avoid math and science. I mean, I have a BA in English for a reason. Fortunately, despite my inability to comprehend math and science, I think I've still managed to find a way to make my idea work. I need to do a lot more reading and thinking, but it's progress.
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