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Well, It Looks Like Toronto Has Just Been Flushed Down the Toilet

Rob Fuckin' Ford is mayor. Toronto is now completely DOOMED. :-(

On a purely selfish level, I'm pissed off because I had to stand in line at my polling station for about 35-40 minutes with this incredibly irritating little man who wouldn't stop talking to me. Even when I pulled out my book and started reading, he would be standing right beside me or practically be on my heels. After a while, I just stopped responding to anything he said, so he ended up making inane comments to himself about how long the line was, etc. The only break I got was when he'd see an empty chair along the wall and announce that he was going to sit down. As if I actually gave a shit.

I'm really tempted to pull a beer out of my fridge and down the whole thing. I need some way to cope with this horrible news.
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