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I've Started My Christmas Shopping on Halloween...

Well, this is a first. I've started my Christmas shopping on Halloween. It's Amazon's fault. It helpfully sent me a message that the fifth series of Doctor Who is available for pre-order at 30% off. My brother was helpful enough to tell me the same thing yesterday when I spoke on the phone with him, though he hadn't gotten around to sending me a link. Looks like he didn't need to. *g*

I feel kind of bad because my brother doesn't have the fourth series or all of last year's specials yet. However, when I pointed this out to him, he didn't see it as a problem. I suppose he can just borrow my sets again until he gets his own. And he'll be up on me with the fifth series because I don't know when I'll be buying my own copy. With all the spending I'll need to do in the next couple of months, I don't feel I can justify it. Well, it's not going anywhere and I have no problem waiting.

Hope everyone has a great Halloween! I'm feeling pretty hormonal, but I've still got lots of candy, so the situation is under control. *g*
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