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Lestrade Birthday Recs for Dubghall!

I’m posting this a day early, but Happy Birthday, ! :-) It’s been a while since I recommended
any Lestrade fic, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Best wishes and many happy hours of fic!

Virginity (Lestrade/Sherlock) by

(If you enjoy Virginity, you should definitely check out the sequels: The Morning After, Brighton Morning (entry has now been f-locked, but I have a copy on my hard drive), and Interlude)

Single Father (Lestrade/Sherlock) by

Making Room (Lestrade/Sherlock/John) by Sarren

Esprit de Corps (Genfic) by

A Reliable Man Series (Lestrade/Mycroft) by

(Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six)

Bluebeard (Lestrade/Sherlock) by

A Teensy Misunderstanding (Lestrade/Mycroft) by

On Lestrade's Flawed Heart, and Other Slightly Damaged Things (Lestrade/John) by

Jealousy (Lestrade/Sherlock friendship) by

In which criminals take a holiday and Lestrade tries to get laid (Lestrade/Sherlock) by

Five times Mycroft wanted to kiss Lestrade. And one time . . . (Lestrade/Mycroft) by

Untitled (Lestrade/Mycroft) by

(Sequel to Five times Mycroft wanted to kiss Lestrade. And one time . . . )

Triple Jump (Lestrade/Sherlock/John) by

G (Lestrade/John) by

Overwhelming Evidence (Lestrade/Sherlock) by

Manhunt (Lestrade/Sherlock) by

Morning After (Lestrade/Sherlock) by

(Sequel to Manhunt)

Climate Change (Lestrade/Sherlock) by

Told in Texts (Lestrade/Mycroft) by

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