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Let me just say for the record that I hate going to the doctor. I mean, I'd rather see my dentist any day. Really. And, up until recently, I went out of my way to avoid seeing a doctor. Okay, I saw a couple in various walk-in clinics, but that was only due to actual illness or injury. Anyway, I came to the decision a few months ago that this silly little phobia had to end. Ergo, I went and got myself a family doctor. As I had heard horror stories about how impossible it is to find a doctor in Ontario, I assumed the search would take at least two to three years. In fact, I was counting on it. Instead, I managed to find a doctor after only one visit to the The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario website and two phone calls. At the time this seemed wonderful...until I realized that I would be expected to do things like, oh, go to this doctor for a physical examination, etc.

My first appointment was okayish. We just talked in her office as she took down my medical history. However, today was the actual physical exam. After waiting for more than three hours (and coming pretty close to finishing the novel I was reading), I was sitting in the exam room with the doctor as she went through the files she had received from my previous doctor. I swear she was mentally shaking her head. I'm too embarassed to say how long it had been, but I'm pretty sure my status had gone from "a little strange" to "FREAK!" -- and this was before I had to strip off my clothes and put on one of those horrible paper gowns.

Now, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that most of my doctor phobia centers around the nakedness alone. I mean, I'm not sure why they even bother with the paper gowns. I couldn't get mine to tie up at the back, and the doctor pretty much pulls it off anyway. Not that I'm complaining about the exam itself. The new doctor did her best to put me at ease, and I really only felt mildly embarrassed. And that time of the month got me out of another kind of exam, so I was pretty grateful for that. Then, she discovered this tiny wart under my nose...

I had noticed it, of course, but I was too dense to realize it was a wart. I just thought it was this stubborn face-crashing bump that wouldn't take the hint and leave. So not a wart at all. Nope. Maybe an extra strength pimple. *Clears throat* Anyway, my doctor seemed to think that I should be concerned about this and might want to remove it. As wart removal isn't covered under OHIP, it would cost $100 and be pretty painful because she would be using a needle to freeze this rather sensitive area and then burning it away. Did I want to have the procedure done today? As it sounded oh-so-appealing, I naturally said "yes". And you know what? It was painful. Not unbearably so, mind you, but painful enough to force tears from eyes. The tears might have also been due to the intensely strong O.R. lamp she used to see the wart. In any case, there were tears streaming down my face by the time she had completed the little wart-enectomy. I think I might have made the one guy left in the waiting room a little nervous when I emerged from the exam room with red eyes and a tear-splotched face. *g*

You know what the scary thing is? I have to go back in three weeks to have the, er, er exam and discuss my glucose test. Oh, shit! I've got to go to a lab and have blood drained out of me! They're going to take blood! AAAARRRGGGHHHH!!! *Takes a deep breath* Okay, okay. It's fine. At least there won't be nakedness involved. They just have to search for that deep vein of mine that's usually impossible to find and...Oh, SHIT!

Did I say my second entry would be more interesting...? No, I said "different". I said it would be "different". I think this is definitely "different". *g*
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