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Snapshots of the Past

On Saturday, I visited Mackenzie House, Todmorden Mills, and Spadina House as part of a ghost research course. Yes, you read that correctly. And, no, I didn't have any paranormal experiences, but I did manage to take some rather nice pictures that I thought I'd share.

Mackenzie House

Reproduction of William Lyon Mackenzie's printing press.
A man has been seen walking through the press itself and
the wall behind it.

A slipper chair embroidered by one of Mackenzie's daughters

Room shared by Mackenzie's daughters

Master bedroom. This room is supposedly very haunted.
Some people have felt nauseous, while others have
fainted. I've felt uneasy both times I've been
inside the room, but this may be because I knew
the stories associated with it beforehand.

Todmorden Mills

Piano inside Helliwell House that has played by itself

Mourning portrait of Sarah Helliwell. It's not easy to see
in this picture, but you can tell it's a mourning portrait
because Sarah is holding a tiny coffin in her hand.

A church doll on one of the beds. Church dolls were meant to
keep children occupied in church. Because they were made of
cloth, they couldn't break or make any noise if they fell.

A courting candle. A father might say to his daughter's
suitor that he could stay for as long as the candle
burned. The father could use the candle holder to adjust
the length of the candle. If the suitor wasn't suitable
in the father's eyes, the candle would be very short.

Sugar was displayed in the window as a status symbol. If
you could afford sugar, you were doing pretty well. The
sugar was packed and tied in this manner for easy transport
on ships. The shape prevented it from toppling over when
seas got rough. If you required sugar from this sugar pillar,
you would cut off the number of lumps you required. This is
where the expression "taking your lumps" comes from.

A beautiful theatre in what was once a mill. The theatre is
said to be haunted. An old woman is sometimes seen, not to
mention a grey shape that flies twenty feet from the ground.

Spadina House

The following images are shots I took on the grounds of Spadina House. I do have some pictures of the fantastic interior, but the tour guide gave us permission to take photos on the condition that we didn't publish them anywhere. Therefore, if anyone is interested in seeing some pictures of the inside of Spadina House, please send me a private message through my LJ account and I'll give you the link to the album.

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