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I Can See!

The subject should actually be "I Can See Better." Uh, Einstein managed to knock her glasses on the ground yesterday and one of the lenses popped out. Today, I had to wear my old pair and the world was a little fuzzy. Hell, when I first arrived at work, I almost had a panic attack because some of the smaller print on my computer (e.g. file names on the network) was hard to see. Thankfully, Visine helped a lot and my eyesight seemed to adjust to the weaker prescription. All the same, the situation was hardly ideal. Anywaaaaaay, I'm happy to say that the brilliant optician at Sears Optical was able to fix my glasses in about two minutes flat. As I'm a pessimist, I assumed she wouldn't be able to fix them at all and they'd have to be sent away to be repaired, etc. It turns out that one of the screws was loose. The optician suggested I paint over it with clear nail polish to seal it. I'm awed by both her wisdom and fantastical powers. I'm also exceedingly grateful. It's funny but my old glasses just didn't feel right anymore. They used to be great because they were ultra light. However, now that I've become used to heavier frames, I kept thinking the old pair was falling off. The lenses on my old glasses are also smaller, so I felt as if my field of vision had shrunk. Thank Herne my new pair is back.

And the award for the most BORING LJ entry goes to...

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