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One Evening I'd Rather Forget

You know the evening isn't going well when your friend opens the birthday card you gave her and bursts into tears. Okay, I knew the evening wasn't going well before that, but the tears really brought the message home.

I should probably explain that the crying friend (T) broke up with her boyfriend recently and has been crying ever since. I mean, every single day -- at home and at work, apparently. I think she's cried on the phone at some point during every conversation I've had with her for the past couple of months. Hell, she was crying in the movie theatre before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows began. The sad thing is that this friend's tears aren't what stressed me out the most. No, I was more stressed out about making sure my other friend, S, left her place on time and got to the movie theatre okay. This other friend not only has no concept of time but a habit of heading out without knowing where she's going, even though she's the one driving. She has also just been diagnosed with several food allergies after suffering from stomach and digestive problems for the last two or three years. Of course, I learned this after making a reservation at a particular restaurant. When I asked her if she'd be able to eat anything, she said that she might be able to find something on the menu that can be customized. Otherwise, she just won't eat anything. Thankfully, S was able to get the kitchen staff to customize one of the items on the menu after having a long conversation with our server in which she also asked if she could have an omelet made out of egg whites. Not surprisingly, the server said he couldn't swing that. However, he did bring her water with no ice. Apparently, ice in the drink makes her cold. I suppose it would have been silly for her to order a hot drink.

I'm afraid I wasn't in the best mood by the time I reached the restaurant. I had a migraine, which may have been due to seeing Harry Potter in IMAX or because I started my period yesterday. However, I think it may have also had to do with the stress of dealing with my extremly fragile and high maintenance friends. Fortunately, food seemed to help and the migraine is at a bearable level now. I think getting the hell away from my friends also didn't hurt. By the end of the meal, I had thrown diplomacy out the window. When S suggested going back to her place after supper, I told her that I was going straight home because I had a migraine. When our server asked us if we wanted dessert, tea or coffee and none of my friends said anything, I jumped in and asked for our bills. I probably came off as a total bitch, but I had just stopped caring. Actually, my third friend, A, said that she was glad I stepped in because she had wanted to get going too.

On the good news front, I had a great time with my mom at the One of a Kind Christmas Show yesterday. The highlight of the day was visiting the booth of nature photographer, Jason Leo Bantle. My mom and I were just blown away by his spectacular work. I mean, every single photo was incredible. My mom bought this stunning framed picture of a great gray owl. As I wanted to get as many of Bantle's images as possible, I bought one of his beautiful books, All in the Wild: Calling. My uncle and aunt in B.C. usually send me a cheque during the holidays, so I think I'll make the book my Christmas present from them.

Yesterday was also when I finally received Maurice, so I'll probably try to get my fill of Young!Gay!Eighties!Rupert tomorrow. I had planned to watch it last night, but my DVD player refused to recognize the DVD, even though it's a multi-region player. Luckily, I found the hack code for my particular model online and was able to change the region accordingly. The DVD played absolutely fine after that.

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