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Save Undershaw!

Some of you may know about this already as it was featured in the news section of holmesian_news earlier in the week. Undershaw, the home Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had built in 1897 for his ailing wife, Louise, is under threat. While Undershaw is of literary importance because it's where Conan Doyle wrote The Hound of the Baskervilles and The Return of Sherlock Holmes, it is also of historical interest because it's a great example of Edwardian architecture and one of the few houses designed by the actual occupier during this period of time. Unfortunately, Undershaw is now empty and neglected. The Waverley Borough Council has given the current owners permission to convert this beautiful building into three flats, with five more houses to be built on the land.

The Undershaw Preservation Trust is hoping Undershaw might be saved if enough people speak out. By leaving a comment on The Save Undershaw Preservation Trust website, you can add your voice. There's also a facebook page you can join.

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