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Alphabet Meme

Yes, yes, another meme. Leave a comment and I'll give you a shiny new letter of your very own. Compile a list of 10 things you love that begin with that letter and post said list in your journal. Then feel free to spread the love and give away letters yourself. It's a vicious, vicious cycle.

espirk gave me the letter....D!

1. Danna. We've had our share of disagreements, but he's, like, my dad, so I guess I, uh, love him.

2. Day-dreaming. Pretty much my natural state most of the time. It's my way of coping with reality. It's also how I usually generate material for writing.

3. Dark chocolate. I'd say the darker the better, but I found out recently that too dark can also mean too bitter, so I'd probably choose chocolate that's around 70% instead of 90% cocoa.

4. Detectives. Well, a particular detective. The Great Detective. Sherlock Holmes. However, I'm a big fan of mysteries, so I'm fond of a number of other detectives as well.

5. DVDs. I'm pretty sure these were invented for people like me: geeky film buffs who are endlessly fascinated by useless movie trivia and compelled to listen to directors wax poetic about lighting, film angles and what they ate for lunch on the first day of shooting.

6. Donner, Richard. He directed my favourite film of all time -- Superman: the Movie. D is also for Donner Cut, as in Superman II: the Richard Donner Cut, which has just been released. While it doesn't consume my every waking moment, I'm pretty excited about it, especially as puckrobin gave it two thumbs up. And I think I've dropped enough hints to my family to ensure that it should end up under the Christmas tree.

7. David Hewlett because he's David Hewlett. He also plays Doctor Rodney McKay. And his favourite show is Doctor Who.

8. Doctor Who. I started watching the show when I was around 13 and realized that Tristan from All Creatures Great and Small was playing the Doctor in the episodes being broadcast on TVO. While I think the current reincarnation, David Tennant, is fantastic, Peter Davison will probably always be my favourite Doctor.

9. Dominic Keating. Reed Alert! Reed Alert!

10. Dean Winchester from Supernatural because I'm assuming that espirk assigned me the letter D for a reason. *g*

For those of you who think all this meming is bad just wait. It's quite possible that I'll be posting the first installment of my AU WIP SGA fic next time. Please don't be alarmed if or when this occurs. Simply scroll to another entry on your flist and everything should be fine.
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