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Aaaarrrrgggghhh! What's WRONG With Me?

In case anyone's wondering, this isn't about my emotionally manipulative friend. No, this is something that is entirely my doing. Even though I keep telling everyone that I've retired from writing fic, I've gone and donated a Sherlock story to the qldfloodauction. Is it hormones? An excuse to put off working on my original fiction project? Well, it's too late now whatever it is! *g*

While we're sort of on the subject of Sherlock Holmes, I've started watching the Douglas Wilmer episodes from the 1964-65 BBC series. Although I'd heard good things about Wilmer's Holmes, I had my doubts. Those were quickly dispelled when I watched the pilot produced for "The Speckled Band". I was pleasantly surprised by how faithful the episode was to the original story. I would also argue the production values are quite high and the characters have been well cast. With each passing episode, I've admired Douglas Wilmer's performance more and more. It also doesn't hurt that he bears some resemblance to Basil Rathbone and just seems right for the part. I think Douglas Wilmer has now become my fifth favourite Sherlock Holmes. Sorry, Christopher Plummer. First you get bumped down to fifth place because of Benedict Cumberbatch and now you're being bumped down to sixth because of Douglas Wilmer. I should be ashamed of myself for not being more patriotic, not to mention being unable to stick to certain goals, such as retiring from fic writing!

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