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Woo Hoo! I Won a Fic at waltzmatildah's Flood Relief Fic Auction!

This is kind of embarrassing, but I didn't realize until today that waltzmatildah's fic auction was separate from qldfloodauction, so I was surprised when I received notification that I'd won bwblack's fic offering (as the qldfloodauction doesn't wrap up until Wednesday). If I had known, I would have definitely plugged it on my LJ. In my defence, I sort of gained access to waltzmatildah's fic auction through the back door, as I clicked on a link from holmesian_news. I'm also quite dense and get easily confused. *g* Anywaaaaaaay, I'm happy to say that I was able to donate $10 AUD to Mission Australia and will receive a Sherlock fic in return. :-)
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