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Holy Crap! Richard Carpenter Was in Sherlock Holmes!

This is only going to be of interest to RoS fans, but I was just watching The Beryl Coronet (from the Douglas Wilmer Sherlock Holmes series) and was all excited because David Burke (Watson from Granada's The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes) played Sir George Burnwell. However, I kept finding myself studying the actor playing Arthur Holder because he seemed familiar. When the credits rolled at the end, I searched out the actor's name and did a double take when I saw the name Richard Carpenter. Even after seeing the name, I didn't think it could be the Richard Carpenter. I mean, I knew that Richard Carpenter had done some acting before he became a screenwriter, but I assumed it had been mostly stage work. However, when I checked on, it turned out that it was the Richard Carpenter. No wonder the actor looked familiar: I met the man in 2003! *g*
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