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Mental Note # 4236

So, tonight's lesson is don't record a message on one of those recordable birthday cards when it's the first full day of your period and you're seriously hormonal. I mean, I managed to record the message in the end, but I had to cut open the back of the card to find the little tab I didn't manage to rip off successfully the first time. Yeah, a case of classic rusty_armour ingenuity...NOT!

Well, it actually works out in a way. The card has this whole Mission Impossible theme going on. In fact, the birthday message I recorded for my uncle (or, rather, Man That's U.N.C.L.E.) claims that the card will self-destruct (if placed near an open flame), so that hole in the back could add some unintentional humour if I write a note saying that the hole isn't the card self-destructing but NIECE trying to get the card to work. *g*

Poor Man That's U.N.C.L.E. Thankfully, he's got other nieces to make up for this one.

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