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SO Close...

I managed to finish the second last scene of my qldfloodauction fic during Earth Hour tonight. I was tempted to start working on the final scene as it's going to be quite short. However, I decided it would probably be better to come at it fresh, so I'm going to wait until tomorrow morning and hope my muse has stuck around.

Today, I wrote like a woman possessed. As I had to crash around 10:45 last night, I was determined to wake up earlier for once and get some serious work done. And I did. I pretty much wrote solidly for three hours straight. Then I ate lunch, watched the latest episode of NCIS online, and wrote a bit more. Then I talked to my sister, brother and mom on the phone for about two & 1/2 hours before sitting down to write some more. At about 6:45, I pigged out on pizza, wheat thins, and M&M's while watching the Elizabeth Taylor version of The Mirror Crack'd, which has haunted me ever since I first saw it because Elizabeth Taylor does that frozen look so perfectly. Unfortunately, the movie ran about a minute into Earth Hour, but, as I was turning off everything, I didn't feel too bad. I mean, I wrote by booklight with no music or anything, okay? Anywaaaaaaaay, I finished off the fifth scene and wrote the sixth and seventh scenes today, so I don't think I did too badly. Of course, I never did get out of my pyjamas, or go grocery shopping, or do any dishes. But I did water my plants, so that's something, isn't it? Uh...I'll actually do something productive (like getting dressed) tomorrow.

For those of you who read my previous entry, my uncle did like his birthday card. In fact, he was very amused by it. As he's apparently kept every card I've ever given him (including the ones I made when I was a kid), I'm not sure if that's saying much... *g* Unfortunately, he didn't receive this year's birthday card until yesterday because of #$*!in' Canada Post. Yeah, okay. I only allowed four business days, so maybe I was asking for it. However, one of the other nieces in Ottawa mailed her card two days before I did and it didn't arrive until yesterday either. I'm sorry, but that's absolutely PATHETIC. I guess from now on, I'll either have to buy belated birthday cards or mail things two weeks ahead of time. What a god-damn JOKE. Canada Post, get your #$*!in' act together. *Takes a deep breath* Well, the important thing is that my uncle was happy with his card...when he finally received it. He threatened to broadcast it overseas, which means he played it over the phone today when they called my aunt's sister and brother-in-law in England. Those poor, poor people.

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