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Ring Resolution -- Of Sorts

I found a ring to replace the one I lost. It was sitting in my jewellery box, actually. I bought it several years ago at the same event (the British Isles Show), though I stopped wearing it for some reason. Anyway, I remembered that I had it and, so, dug it out while cleaning my jewellery box last night. Because I've lost weight since originally buying it, the ring now fits on my index finger instead of my ring finger, which works out perfectly because that was where I was wearing the lost ring. Now, it doesn't have quite the same presence, but it is Celtic and quite lovely all the same. It's even "Irish made". It says so inside the band. *g*

Please try to ignore my stubby square fingers and focus on the ring itself. It fits rather snugly at the moment, but that's probably because I'm, uh, retaining water. Here's hoping it still fits securely once I'm a little less...swollen. TMI? Yeah, I know. Sorry about that.

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