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'Tis the Season for Guilty Pleasures

espirk tagged me for the 5 Guilts MEME, so here I go. Somehow it seems appropriate during this season of guilty pleasures and overindulgence. I should know after having two helpings of Christmas pudding with rum sauce and Devonshire cream last night. Mmm...Now that's the stuff of dreams...

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Breyers Smart Scoop Chocolate Ice Cream -- especially if it's the kind with chunks of brownie Both chocolate and ice cream are two of my major weaknesses, but when they're combined...At least Smart Scoop is 98% fat free and lower on the calorie scale than a lot of other brands of ice cream.
Literary: Stargate Magazine Stargate Atlantis is my current obsession and so I must obsessively read Stargate Magazine. And the novels. And pretty much anything else I can get my hands on.
Audiovisual: Entertainment Tonight Sometimes I catch myself watching more than a couple of minutes of the show -- and not always because I'm waiting for my 8:00 show to start. Usually I snap out of it when they threaten to go behind-the-scenes of a reality show or interview Anna Nicole Smith.
Musical: Robbie Williams I'm forced to confess that I own two of his albums. When I went on a tour of Scotland, our crazy guide used to blast some of his music on the bus. I originally bought the albums to get the same songs that were played on our tour. However, I now like songs that weren't played in the Highlands, so I can't put that down to sentimental reasons.
Celebrity: Royal Watching I don't know if it's the British roots or because I have monarchists in my family, but I do find myself stopping to listen if there's a news item on one of the royals. I'll even watch the odd biography or special.

I'm not going to bother tagging people. If anyone wants to participate then feel free. However, I'll understand if you're scrambling around buying presents or wassailing or whatever. Maybe you'd prefer to wait until 2007 and do the New Year's Resolutions quiz. I think I'll need to! *g*
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