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A Thoroughly BAD Day!

Next time it's around 11:30 am on a Sunday and I don't want to get out of bed, I think I'll listen to my body and do just that! Believe it or not, I managed to break both my finger and my computer in the same afternoon. Okay, I didn't break my finger, but it's pretty badly sprained. We're talking swelling and bruising and quite a bit of pain in general:

Gorgeous, isn't it? Not as impressive as my ankle when I sprained it a few years ago, but still a thing of beauty, I think. Work sure is going to be fun tomorrow. *g*

Not long after injuring my finger, I turned on my computer to discover that Windows wasn't working. I tried turning the computer on and off a few times and still no joy. Then, when I couldn't find a Dell technical support number in the phone book, I called my parents to see if my brother could track down a number for me. I also asked my mom for advice on my sprained finger, and she agreed that I probably should have stayed in bed this morning. In fact, she suggested that I sit down quietly for a while and try not to move. However, I still had a number of dishes to wash, so I did that in an attempt to calm down before calling Dell technical support. Miraculously, I didn't break anything, though my finger was more swollen afterwards. Not a big surprise.

It took about an hour & 1/2 and $129 off my credit card (as my warranty expired some time ago), but my computer seems to be okay now. However, I'll be backing up my original fiction research and sending a copy of my Merchant Ivory porn to myself in case I run into the same problem. God, I feel so sorry for the poor guy in India who had to spend so long with me on the phone. I hope he goes out for a drink after work to recover. I know I'm certainly tempted to down a large quantity of booze!

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