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Sunday At Polaris

I have to say that today is the most fun I've had on a Sunday in a very long time. It was fun, crazy, and a little on the wild side...

No, wait. That was at my friend's bridal shower yesterday. The events then seem pretty tame in comparison to this:

For those of you who don't know, this is the very lovely njc2007 in her incredible Q costume. In fact, everyone at Polaris was so impressed by njc2007's attire that she won a Polaris Fan Fave Award for best costume. I lost track of how many people approached njc2007 to discuss her costume or ask for a picture!

As sad as this sounds, it took an invitation from lazigyrl and njc2007 for me to attend my first Polaris convention. Even though I was born in Toronto and have lived here my entire life, I somehow never made it to Polaris (or it's previous incarnation, Toronto Trek) over the twenty-five years it's been running. However, after meeting njc2007, lazigyrl , and lazigyrl's niece and having such a blast, I'm definitely going to make a point of attending Polaris next year!

Here are some other highlights from today...

I know it's impossible to tell who it is based on the crappy photo, but would you believe it's Paul McGillion (Carson Beckett from Stargate Atlantis)? I caught the end of his panel just before meeting njc2007 and lazigyrl for the first time.

Besides njc2007's excellent costume, there were some other kick ass ensembles such as these Doctor Who gems.

Speaking of Doctor Who, rusty_armour was a very bad girl and bought the following items:

"The End of Time" Master in original packaging

"The End of Time" Master free of original packaging

It could have totally been worse. I mean, I was checking out the other sound effects Doctor Who keychain, the two different Adipose, a Rassilon action figure, t-shirts...Of course, who needs all that when you've got two Masters! Bwahaha!

In case anyone thinks I spent the entire day in the dealers' room (or at the bar geeking out over Sherlock with lazigyrl and, some time later, watching njc2007 and lazigyrl consume massive quantities of Romulan Ale), I actually attended two panels. One was on Sherlock and it was pretty awesome. Okay, as lazigyrl said afterwards, it was a bit of lovefest, but it was very interesting and entertaining as well. Some of the most amusing moments were entirely unintentional. The panel was held in a fairly tiny room as the con committee obviously didn't expect that many sci-fi fans would be into a discussion on a non sci-fi show. However, people kept filing in throughout the panel and were forced to stand at the back or along the one side of the room. What I found even funnier were the people who popped into the panel not realizing that this was a discussion of an actual TV show as opposed to the Sherlock Holmes character. Actually, these same people hadn't even heard of the show, so various fans had to explain it to them. One man left the panel before he could be further spoiled, vowing that he would go watch the series.

The second panel was on how to write endings, and I found it very informative and worthwhile. The panel was made up of four writers who discussed how they went about writing endings, what endings seemed to work best, and what the goal of an ending should be. During the panel, njc2007 was not only listening but working on a fantastic chainmail bracelet. She was kind enough to give me a beautiful flower she had made that contains chainmail rings in its design:

As is so often the case, there's so much more I could and should say about my day at Polaris, but it's 11:45 pm, so I should probably think about going to bed...some time in the next hour. *g* I'm touched that I was one of the highlights of Sunday! Meeting you and njc2007 was definitely a highlight for me too! :-) I know you described what you won at the charity auction, but I'm really getting the full impact with that picture! I'm amazed you were able to carry that big box of Star Trek treasures back to your hotel room! I had a great time discussing Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes and fic with you! After what you told me about your intended Star Trek BB (whichever story you go with), I'm really looking forward to the beta! :-) I'm happy to hear that you were finally able to pick up your Ben Browder picture. It would have been a shame if you weren't able to take the print home with you.

If you'd like to read more about Polaris be sure to check out njc2007's Polaris Recap and
lazigyrl's Polaris 2011 entries (Polaris 2011: Friday, Polaris 2011: Saturday, and Polaris 2011: Sunday)

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