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Sherlock Rec - Writer's Whimsey's Irene Adler/DI Lestrade Series

I sometimes come across fic writers who definitely deserve more feedback and attention than they've been receiving. I think writerswhimsey is one of those writers. She's been penning a wonderful Irene Adler/Lestrade series that seems to have gone practically unnoticed. Now, I know some of you are cringing because you're not usually into het, but I would strongly recommend that you at least give the first story in the series (A Word's Worth) a try. It shows Detective Sergeant Lestrade's first meeting with both Irene Adler and Sherlock under rather interesting circumstances. Throughout the course of the story, you see Lestrade and Irene go from Detective Sergeant and suspect to something approaching friendship. Well, flirty friendship. *g* If nothing else, I think this story is worth reading because of writerswhimsey's portrayal of a modern day Irene Adler, who works for Mycroft Holmes as a "Consultant". She's also friends with Sherlock, who she met at Cambridge. And, as one would expect, she's beautiful, highly intelligent, and more than capable of looking after herself.

writerswhimsey has very helpfully created an index for the entire series to date, which is arranged in chronological order. While the first story writerswhimsey wrote in the series is Wake Up Call, I would suggest starting with A Word's Worth and working your way down the list.

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