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One Thing I Hate About the Sherlock Fandom

If there's one thing I hate about the Sherlock fandom, it's the lack of support for writers on LJ. When I see a really good fic that has only received one comment, I can't help feeling disgusted. I could understand if it was a small fandom, but Sherlock is pretty popular. I just have to see the number of communities and writing challenges to know that. And, yes, I realize that we all lead busy lives, and I've certainly been guilty of reading a story and not commenting, but the lack of support in this particular fandom is really appalling. It seems as if it's every writer for herself, unless said writer is part of a clique or has a large network of friends. Thank fuck for A03. At least such writers might receive hits and kudos.

When I post what I hope will be my last Sherlock story (mostly because I'm supposed to be retired from fic writing), I might just post it on A03. I'm not sure if there's any point in posting it on LJ.

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