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I made the mistake of watching a certain Rupert Graves songvid and found I had "People Are Strange" (the Infected Mushroom Remix) stuck in my head all day. That was when I became obsessed with the need to have that song. I thought I would be able to find it easily on iTunes, but I had no luck there. In fact, I ended up searching for a couple of hours before I finally found an MP3 I could download. I'm sorry, jackycomelately. If you can find the song on iTunes (or anywhere else I can purchase it) then I will happily buy it. Really.

The sad thing is that the vid in which I first heard the song isn't that great. I mean, I like a lot of the V for Vendetta material, but the clips from Maurice (and those quick flashes from Sherlock) don't make any sense to me. It's as if the vidder just threw them in for kicks. Or maybe there's a story I'm just not following. I got the impression that maybe Maurice had turned into V, and the Maurice clips were meant to be flashbacks to a shared past between Dominic and V. However, most of the clips at the end of the vid have nothing to do with this possible love story, so I don't know. Still, I LOVE the song -- and Rupert, of course. *g*

Besides, my, uh, questionable morals, Rupert is responsible for making me want to say things like "Despaireth!" and "Damn your eyes!" and "A plague on all our houses!" Okay, I'll admit that it might not have been a good idea to watch A Waste of Shame twice in the space of about four days -- after finishing the Sonnets, which I had to read after watching A Waste of Shame the first time. All the same, Mr. Graves has much to answer for.

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