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Fuck Canada Post!

God, I can't rely on Canada Post for anything. I just found out that the cards I was supposed to receive for some charitible gifts I purchased through Unicef were lost in the mail. That might not be a big deal except that I need them for birthday presents for some friends of mine. Thankfully, the woman who emailed me at Unicef has kindly agreed to send out some new ones. Maybe this time, they'll actually reach me. Probably shouldn't count on it, though.

I'm so fed up with it. Canada Post has already lost a set of new cheques I had ordered, which meant I had to call the chequing company to ask for new ones. They also lost my dad's tax return, so he was forced to fill out another one. Although I sent my uncle a birthday card about a week before his birthday, it arrived late. Okay, he's on the other side of the country, but mail is supposed to take three business days to reach its destination. I'm wondering if I dare send out my usual Christmas cards and packages this year. Will a month be long enough for cards to get overseas or is that too much to ask from the joke that is Canada's national postal service? I'm seriously tempted to complain, but there's probably no point.
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